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Fort Worth Hard Money Loans

"the Fastest hard money lender"

Our 3-Step Process 

contact us and discuss the process.



About us

At CapitalConnect we are more than just a lender. We find the best solution that will help our clients investment portfolio grow. We want the investment to make sense for our client, seeing their net-worth grow. Also providing the most competitive terms to fit each clients needs. Not every deal is the same. 

We are not your normal hard money lender. We believe in simple. Investing is already difficult, that is why we do not need paperwork from you. We simply analyze the property and if the numbers make sense we will loan on it. We do not look at financials, there is no credit check and especially no appraisals. We are investors ourselves and know how to run our own numbers and analyze the property! It lacks sense to require appraisals that will hold closing 3 weeks out!

We are located in Fort Worth, TX. We are an asset-based lender and easily move faster than a traditional or institutional lender. When underwriting a loan, we focus more on the real property than individual’s creditworthiness. We do not check credit, borrower financials, or require a 3rd party appraisal. This significant departure from the status quo allows investors to add a quick closing as a value add to their purchase offers.

Another key part of our formula is the dedicated team we have put together. Combined, we have over 100 years of real estate, investing, and lending experience. Our team is geared up to see the value investors are looking to add to a residential or commercial property. Every day, we see the impressive value extraction our borrowers are able to execute by bringing a fully renovated asset to market.

Skip The headache



+ No Financials

+ No Appraisals

+ No Credit Checks

+ Knowledgeable Learn More

+ 75% LTV

+ Close as Fast as Title

- Up Front Fees

- Appraisal Based

- Won't Take The Extra Mile

- Takes 3 Weeks To Start The Process

- No Experience 

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